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Mohamed discusses his childhood growing up in Morocco, dealing with bullying and overcoming the stigma of being physically disabled. He takes you on his journey of how
he became an athlete, adapting to the challenge of limited resources on top of his physical differences, and taking initiative for his own path. While we all have different circumstances, Mohamed demonstrates how staying flexible and being adaptive can lend themselves to practical uses in all daily life. “Sometimes we encounter unique challenges that do not have solutions already available and we need to see that there can also be multiple solutions to the problem. Nothing is ever perfect, but it is about being flexible to the situation and staying open minded. The possibilities then become endless.”

“Team Össur member Mohamed Lahna is an engaging presenter and can effortlessly convey his inspirational story to any audience. In storytelling fashion, he describes how he has overcome obstacles and continually achieved every goal he has set for himself. His smile truly lights up the room and leaves the audience motivated and ready to tackle any challenge.”

Edda H. Geirsdottir VP of Branding & Communications, Global Marketing Össur Head Office, Reykjavik, Iceland

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