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Smoke n Fire 400

Last year was a disappointing DNF due to my poor judgment on my bike setup and equipment. I couldn’t let that stay on my record so here we were again, with family in tow this time. Jet lagged from the @tokyo2020 Paralympics and overall exhausted, I don’t know what I was thinking when I went to the start line at 4 am but off we went! Lucas and I set out together and made slow but steady progress. Eventually we would split off and do our own thing but I am so proud to know that Lucas, Willie, and I all made it across the finish line. I saw a black bear, snakes, and who knows what belonged to those glowing eyes I saw in the middle of the night in that field…I swear it was a prowl of jaguars but maybe more realistically cows? Hallucinations from exhaustion are mind blowing 🤪.

I also met so many amazing people around Idaho. What a beautiful state you live in. Jen and Anthony, thanks for hosting us for this amazing race and for saving my butt out there when my GPS tracker ran out of batteries. I’d probably be still wandering in the woods without you. My wife and kids, you guys are such troopers for chasing me around and giving me the moral support. You’re all nuts.

Finally, As painful as it was, seeing Mother Nature in all her glory gave me such a lift. I will forever be grateful for her beauty. Thank you Boise!

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