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Mohamed Lahna was born in Casablanca, Morocco with Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency, leaving him without a femur in his right leg.  As a young child, his mobility was limited by crutches or foam inserts made by a shoe cobbler.   Despite his situation, Mo would seek inspiration from the world of professional sports and Olympic competition.  At the age of 20, Mo was fitted with a real prosthetic.  Within 5 years, he rode his first bike.  12 months later, he crossed the Atlas Mountains – 1,550 miles of diverse terrain across northwestern Africa - on that same bike. 

Mohamed can swim faster, ride further and run incredible distances as an Ironman and Paralympian, and he does it all with the use of a prosthetic leg.  His athletic accomplishments are filled with “firsts” – The first African challenged athlete to swim across the Gibraltar; the first right limb different athlete in the world to finish the 6-day, 6-marathon event, Marathon des Sables;  the first African paratriathlete to finish Ironman Kona and Norseman; and the first Paralympian paratriathlon bronze medalist representing Morocco.

Mohamed is well known for his curiosity and willingness to ask for help.  He views every task, every activity and every challenge as an opportunity to set a goal, to try something new and to achieve.  In 2016, Mohamed joined Team Össur and with the Challenged Athlete’s Foundation (Team CAF) has mentored and trained amputees at running and mobility clinics across the country.

“I didn’t do much when I was little.  I’m making up for lost time.”